"The Conversion of St. Norbert"

New Sculpture Portrays the Conversion of St. Norbert

August 3, 2017

"Conversion of St. Norbert"

“Conversion of St. Norbert”

In July 2017, a monumental piece of art called the “Conversion of St. Norbert” was installed on the campus of St. Norbert College.

The sculpture by Colorado-based, internationally-renowned artist Jim Agius depicts the young man Norbert at the most pivotal moment in his life.

Learn more about Norbert of Xanten, archbishop and founder of the Canons Regular of Prémontré.

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St. Norbert’s ‘The Conversion’ is complete
July 13, 2017
FOX 11

St. Norbert putting up new sculpture on campus
July 12, 2017
NBC26 (TV)

‘The Conversion’ statue going up at St. Norbert College
July 10, 2017
FOX 11

Installation of a new work of sculpture: The Conversion of St. Norbert
July 10, 2017
St. Norbert College (YouTube)

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