Sr. Judy Miller, CSJ (center), offers spiritual direction and private directed retreats.Sr. Judy Miller, CSJ (center), offers spiritual direction and private directed retreats.

On the Road

Norbertine Center for Spirituality staff offer programs for your parish, school, or organization, either at St. Norbert Abbey or at your place of work or worship. A complete list of on-the-road programs and retreats currently being offered can be found below. Contact the Norbertine Center for Spirituality if you would like to receive more information about a particular offering or schedule an on-the-road event.

The Book of Ruth

Facilitators: Sr. Judy Miller, CSJ, Judy Turba

A Half-Day or Day-Long Retreat for Women

In the final analysis, the biblical women Ruth and Naomi are simply metaphors, models of all the women of the world who push and prod and guide and give support to the rest of us through all the trying moments of life, however momentous, however mundane.

—Joan Chittister

The Book of Ruth is one of the most beautiful stories of the Bible, full of wisdom, hope, loving relationships, and faith amidst challenges. Within this retreat, the story of Ruth is re-enacted and the concepts of transformation, empowerment, and God’s grace are examined in each of our lives and in the lives of women everywhere. The day includes presentations, reflections, and sharing.

I Was Hungry: An Examination of Catholic Social Teaching

Presenter: Tony Pichler

While poverty in Northeast Wisconsin is often a more hidden reality than in other larger communities, the reality is that many children, adults, and families are suffering from poverty in our area. Catholic Social Teaching (CST) provides a lens through which to view poverty and strive to seek solutions to this crisis. This workshop examines poverty in all of its many faces through CST with stories shared from local shelters, programs, and the streets.

A Ministry of Strengths

Presenter: Tony Pichler

Do we minister from a basis of strengths or weaknesses? Whereas our world often impresses upon us a weakness mentality, it is when we live our strengths that we are truly in our ministry zone! This retreat is based on the Strengthsfinder tool found in Living Your Strengths and other resources published by Gallop.

Servant Leadership

Presenter: Tony Pichler

A basin of water and a towel. Both are powerful symbols of servant leadership that Jesus provided for His followers at the Last Supper. Building on the example of Jesus, this program will delve into one’s own servant leadership qualities and explore ways to follow the mandate of Jesus to serve as He served.  Just as He has done, so we must do.

Many Ways to Pray

Presenter: Kathie Tilot

St. Paul tells us to “pray always” (1 Thes 5:17). Fortunately, there are many ways to do so! In this interactive presentation you will learn the history behind some traditional prayers and get a chance to experience familiar (and perhaps not-so-familiar) ways to pray. Choose from a variety of vocal, meditative, and contemplative prayers: Centering Prayer, the Jesus Prayer, Lectio Divina, Visio Divina, Ignation Examen and Contemplation, intercessory prayer, Taizé-style Prayer, and more. Experience prayer as art, song, and movement.

Unplugged: Reconnecting with the Rhythms of Life

Presenter: Kathie Tilot

A Day-Long Retreat

Life today offers us opportunities to be more connected than ever. So why do we so often feel exhausted and unfulfilled? Perhaps we have become disconnected with the natural rhythms of life; the balance between work and rest, of activity, and simply be-ing. Spend a day at St. Norbert Abbey and learn simple ways to help bring balance to your life.

Nourishing the Spirit

Presenter: Judy Turba

The human spirit needs to be nourished regularly, yet often people spend much of their time and energy on other obligations. With humor, love, personal insight, and the wisdom of others, this presentation addresses the critical importance of caring for ourselves, as well as ways in which to renew our spirits.

Spirituality of Change

Presenter: Judy Turba

There are few “absolutes” in life and change is one of them. If one truly enters into the change experience, whether it is change we choose or change that is thrust upon us, the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth is possible. Through the use of faith, spiritual writings, humor, and psychology, this presentation offers insights and understanding about the change process and how it pertains to our own lives.

Enough: Bringing Balance to Our Lives

Description coming soon.

Living into the Questions: An Advent Presentation

Description coming soon.

Creating Space for Grace

Description coming soon.

Parish Team and School Staff Development Retreats

Presenters: Tony Pichler, Kathie Tilot

Retreats can be tailored to any particular needs of the parish or school staff.

Parish Missions

Parish Missions are developed in collaboration with parish personnel. The needs of the congregation determine the length and focus of the mission.

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