By Lindsay (Koeppel) Konrad

NVC 2009-2010, 2010-2011

Lindsay (Koeppel) Konrad
Lindsay (Koeppel) Konrad

Throughout the past two years I have learned so much about myself from serving with the Norbertine Volunteer Community. Through working at the wildlife sanctuary I learned not only how to take care of animals and how to identify birds and mammals (among many other fun nature facts), but also how much I love working outdoors and sharing that love with others—an opportunity I would not have had without this program. This realization has completely changed what I want to be when I grow up. My love of nature has changed my prayer life as well. I find it really prayerful being outside—running, skiing, or just being.

Living in community has showed me how I deal with different situations. It has made me face emotions that at the time I would have rather not dealt with, but I had to deal with them because I knew that they were hurting not only me, but also the community as a whole. It has shown me places in my life in which I am doing ok, and it has shown me places that I can grow.

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