Podcast Episode 010: Learning the Norbertine Way of Life


As Norbertines we are committed to a lifelong conversion of our ways. We realize that though the formal formation program may have come to an end, true formation continually evolves throughout one’s lifetime. Reflections On Norbertine Formation »

fôrˈmāSH(ə)n/    1. the action of forming or process of being formed.

When joining a religious community, one enters into a period of formation. While formation is a life-long endeavor for all of us, within the Norbertine community it involves a formal two-year period, known as “novitiate,” enabling men to discern their calling and vocation and to “grow harmoniously into a mature human and Christian person.” What exactly are these years like? How do men grow in faith and in community during this critical time?

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