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St. Norbert Abbey is excited to once again welcome you to the Norbertine Center for Spirituality. Please know your safety and the safety of the Norbertine Community are our utmost concerns. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, protocols have been put in place which include mask wearing in all public spaces in the Norbertine Center for Spirituality and the practice of social distancing. We continue to closely monitor the situation.

The Norbertine Center for Spirituality is located at St. Norbert Abbey, 1016 N. Broadway, De Pere, Wisconsin and is an extension of the ministry and mission of the Norbertine Community. Reservations and program information are available online. To schedule a retreat or to bring your group to the Center, please visit or contact or call 920-337-4315 for more information.

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About Us

The Norbertine Center for Spirituality is located within St. Norbert Abbey, home of the Norbertine community in De Pere, Wisconsin. Situated upon 160 acres of natural and landscaped beauty, this serene setting simply invites contemplation. This is indeed a sacred place—perfect for retreats and spiritual programming, or simply a place to pray and reflect.

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