Spiritual Direction

As seen in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Abbey Magazine (page 14)

Sr. Judy Miller, CSJ

Sr. Judy Miller, CSJ

“What is taking up space in your heart?” asks Sr. Judy Miller, CSJ, a spiritual director at the Norbertine Center for Spirituality (NCS), at the beginning of her spiritual direction sessions. Responses, like individuals, vary significantly because people are in different places and spaces on their spiritual journey. The good news is that all are welcome to grow in their relationship with God, self, and others through this ancient practice with contemporary relevance.

Spiritual direction provides the opportunity to grow in an awareness of God’s movements within oneself, explore questions of meaning and purpose, and consider issues that interfere with spiritual growth, thus helping one lead a more authentic, spiritual life.

The term “spiritual direction” can be a bit misleading—which is why it is sometimes referred to as spiritual guidance or spiritual companioning. Spiritual directors do not direct as much as they provide a safe space for individuals to share their stories and access their own inner wisdom. Likewise, spiritual directors do not give advice or solve problems, distinguishing spiritual direction from counseling or therapy.

Kathie Tilot, spiritual direction coordinator

Kathie Tilot, spiritual direction coordinator

At the NCS, spiritual direction is offered as a one-to-one experience in a private setting. Spiritual directors, men and women, both ordained and non-ordained, have received extensive training and have made a commitment to their own personal spiritual growth.

Throughout the years, the NCS has offered spiritual direction to hundreds of grateful people. While a donation is suggested, money is never meant to be an obstacle and financial assistance may be available. For many, the spiritual direction relationship has been a sacred, enriching experience.

“I am grateful beyond words for the opportunity,” shared one spiritual direction participant. “It brings alive my relationship with God and allows me to see God in all aspects of my life. What a difference this has made!”

Are you being led to something deeper? To learn more about spiritual direction contact Kathie Tilot, spiritual direction coordinator, at 920.337.4340 or

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