Bonus Podcast Episode: Busy but Joyful

Pictured: Frater Johnathan Turba, O. Praem. (left) and Fr. Jordan Neeck, O. Praem (right) outside the abbey after Pentecost Mass.

Life gets busy, even in religious life! This mini-episode is a quick update from our podcast co-hosts. They’ve been busy, but even amidst the busyness there is plenty of joy to be found!

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Podcast Episode 038: Only for Today, Part 6

Pictured: Norbertines hard at work in the kitchen!

What did you do today to help somebody? A seemingly simple question, but if you were stopped and asked that question, what would your answer be? Listen as our co-hosts reflect on good deeds: our intentions, our expectations, and how they transform not only those who we encounter but ourselves as well.

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Podcast Episode 037: Only for Today, Part 5

Pictured: Members of the Young Adult Catholic Book Study gather for a book discussion at St. Norbert Abbey.

When is the last time you can say you’ve done some good reading? Not reading email, online news, or the updates on your social media feed, but truly good reading. The fifth part of Pope St. John XXIII’s Daily Decalogue calls for devoting ten minutes a day to good reading. Something as small as ten minutes a day can truly become a transformative habit! Listen as our podcast co-hosts discuss some daily, good reading they’ve tried to incorporate in their own lives.

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