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“Making All Things New!”

As seen in the Winter/Spring 2018 Norbertine Center for Spirituality program guide

Dear Friends,

Winter/Spring 2018The Norbertines have a motto by which they have lived for almost 900 years: “Making all things new!” There is a motto by which Wisconsin residents have lived since the invention of the automobile: “There are two seasons—winter and road construction!” And there is a sign found in many buildings that are under construction: “Pardon our dust!”

What do these things have to do with the Norbertine Center for Spirituality (NCS)? If you have been in this sacred place recently, you might have noticed a few changes: the former entrance to the NCS no longer exists; the abbey pool and sundeck have been gutted; a chain-link fence cordons of f the area; a new sidewalk has been poured in order to maneuver around the construction area; and, the heavy machinery and construction workers are busy creating a beautiful new space for the NCS.

What will this new space look like?

  • There will be a new entrance with a receptionist desk and gathering area.
  • Two large rooms capable of hosting gatherings of 150 to 200 people will occupy the majority of the space.
  • A kitchenette, coatroom, and handicap-accessible restrooms will round out the space.
  • The installation of an elevator is the highlight of the project. Knowing that it has been a challenge for some people to climb the six steps to the Killeen Room or the numerous steps to a second-floor bedroom. The entire complex will be accessible to all. The ability to host groups who can move between these spaces now will be possible.

The construction will take more than a year, so much patience is necessary! The longer walk from the abbey church parking lot in order to attend programs and retreats at the center will be one sacrifice that we are all asked to make. However, the payoff will be a beautiful new space with the amenities necessary to grow the center, as well as the programs and retreats offered here.

So, until the construction process is completed, please “pardon our dust!” Know that the season of construction will take a while. Most of all, the project will help the Norbertine community in “making all things new”—including a new space for the NCS!

Tony Pichler

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As seen in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Abbey Magazine (page 19)

AbbeyFest 2017

AbbeyFest 2017

On August 6, the second annual AbbeyFest was held beginning with Mass celebrated by newly ordained Fr. Michael Brennan, O. Praem., followed by abbey tours, children’s games, and a delicious barbeque. The abbey grounds were alive with music, laughter, and appreciative attendees.

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Labyrinth Walk

As seen in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Abbey Magazine (page 19)

Frater Johnathan Turba, O. Praem., cellist

Frater Johnathan Turba, O. Praem., cellist

The annual summer Labyrinth walk, held June 20, was attended by more than 50 people. Kathie Tilot offered information about this ancient meditative prayer form prior to the walk. Participants were accompanied by lovely cello music performed by Frater Johnathan Turba, O. Praem.

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