Podcast Episode 045: Made for Community

During a time when we are so physically separated from one another, community is more important than ever. Even in religious life, there is a new dynamic to the current situation we all find ourselves in. But the reality for us all still remains: God made us for community.

Podcast Episode 044: Trusting God

Sometimes in life, whether it’s a new school year or tackling a large project, we just need to start. Other times there’s a need to do a little planning before diving-in. In either case, we are called to cooperate with God, but we can’t begin to do that until we act. So what is all of this really about? If we’re being honest, it boils down to trusting God. Even amidst struggle, uncertainty, and challenges, we must turn again and again to God.

Podcast Episode 043: Only for Today, Part 10

In this final installment of the “Only for Today” series, our co-hosts grapple with a short yet challenging statement: Only for today, I will have no fears. What is that we are afraid of? Is it a fear of things going wrong, or is it a fear to enjoy what is beautiful, to believe in goodness? As strange as it may sound, the latter may actually be what we are all afraid of in some way.

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