Podcast Episode 034: Only for Today, Part 2

Pictured: Norbertines out on the abbey grounds.

Pride. Ego. Judgment. A person can struggle with any one of these in a given day, if not all three. The second point in Saint John XXIII’s Daily Decalogue reminds us not to focus on correcting others, but to instead start with ourselves. That is where true, loving transformation begins.

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Podcast Episode 033: Only for Today, Part 1

Pictured: Norbertines at a community celebration.

This episode marks the first of a series exploring the “Daily Decalogue” of Pope St. John XXIII. The ideas in this decalogue were St. John XXIII’s own guide for daily living. Over the next several episodes, our co-hosts will reflect on one of the ten sayings and its impact on their own lives.

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Podcast Episode 032: From New Year’s Resolution to Daily Conversion

Pictured: The Conversion Statue at St. Norbert College

Thinking about New Year’s resolutions? Our podcast co-hosts are too, but maybe not the way that you might expect. As Norbertines, they make vows committing their lives to daily conversion. Instead of fighting to keep grand resolutions, a call to daily conversion may be just what you need as well, not to try and remake yourself, but to let God in and continue to become who God made you to be.

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