Podcast Episode 040: Only for Today, Part 8

If you want to make God laugh, tell Him about all of your plans. A wise adage, but making plans isn’t necessarily a bad thing! God calls us to be active participants in building the Kingdom of God here on Earth. This means using our gifts to give glory to God, to commit to something, yet remain open to see God’s invitation when plans change.

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Podcast Episode 039: Only for Today, Part 7

Pictured: St. Norbert Abbey at twilight.

To-do lists feel great. You determine the work. But sometimes we are asked to do things that are not on the to-do list, that we don’t even want to do. Then what? Though we may be disinterested in the work, this can be an opportunity not only to love others, but to grow in love ourselves.

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Bonus Podcast Episode: Busy but Joyful

Pictured: Frater Johnathan Turba, O. Praem. (left) and Fr. Jordan Neeck, O. Praem (right) outside the abbey after Pentecost Mass.

Life gets busy, even in religious life! This mini-episode is a quick update from our podcast co-hosts. They’ve been busy, but even amidst the busyness there is plenty of joy to be found!

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