About Norbertine Associates

Norbertine Associates

The first Norbertine Associates of St. Norbert Abbey in De Pere, Wisconsin, were accepted in 1984 and this community continues to grow. As associates, they are truly an active and involved part of our Norbertine Order. Their solemn promises to live according to the Rule of St. Augustine and the statutes of the order make them so.

About Norbertine Associates

The vocation of Norbertine Associate is open to lay men and women, single and married. The vocation acts as a living channel of fulfilling Christ’s command to “love one another as I have loved you.”

The formation process from first interest in this association to solemn promise generally can take several years. These years are filled with study (learning about St. Norbert, St. Augustine, Norbertine prayer, and Norbertine life) as well as an increased commitment to the Norbertine Order. During this “road to association” there are incremental ceremonial advancements, leading to a lifetime commitment to the community.

The heart, or one’s desire, plays its own part in the reality of being a Norbertine Associate and many candidates experience a sense of belonging as soon as they have been accepted. Intent alone, though, is not sufficient; action and discernment are also necessary. In a certain sense, becoming a Norbertine Associate takes a lifetime. It is a way of life that deepens and grows as long as one lives.

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