Members of the NVC receive a special blessing from Abbot Gary Neville, O. Praem., during Evening Prayer (Vespers) with the Norbertine community.Members of the NVC receive a special blessing from Abbot Gary Neville, O. Praem., during Evening Prayer (Vespers) with the Norbertine community.

Core Values

Founded on these core Norbertine values, the Norbertine Volunteer Community (NVC) invites young adults to take action within their local community:

The core values of the NVC were also highlighted in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Abbey Magazine (page 15).


The first purpose for which you have come together is to live in unity in the house and to be of one mind and one heart on the way to God.

—The Rule of St. Augustine; Acts 4:32

CommunioAs stated in the mission of St. Norbert Abbey, as Norbertines we “dedicate ourselves to active ‘communio,’ encouraging each other by word and example.”

More than roommates, members of the NVC work to understand and strive to live in an intentional community. This means that each person commits to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually present. This gift of presence allows opportunities for all to grow in friendship, deepen personal and communal experiences of prayer, and challenge each other to live as disciples of Christ.

NVC Perspective

“What makes our essentially simple community life extraordinary are the moments in-between the second we wake up to the second we go to bed.” —Angie Knutson (NVC 2010-2011)

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To be human is to be on a journey and to be a Christian means that we never journey alone.

—The Spirituality of Community, page 51

ActioThe world doesn’t read the Bible … they read Christians. What are your actions saying?

On any given day members of the NVC are tending a local garden that helps feed the hungry, mentoring students at St. Thomas More Catholic School, assisting at Golden House to calm the children and adult victims who are caught in the web of domestic violence, or sharing prayer with a homebound parishioner during a pastoral visit on behalf of St. Willebrord Parish.

Some ways you can serve as a member of the NVC:

  • Social work and human services
    • Treatment foster care caseworker (MSW)
    • Office assistant
    • Life skills assessment and training
  • Education with GRACE (Green Bay Area Catholic Education system)
    • Teacher’s aide
    • Office assistant
    • Reading specialist
    • Licensed teacher grades pre-K through 8
  • Campus ministry
    • Religious education in a Norbertine parish
    • Campus ministry for youth
  • Local shelters for the homeless or victims of domestic violence
    • Laundry and clothing assistant
    • Office assistant
    • Guest services
    • Grant writing, fundraising, and accounting
  • Local daytime drop-in centers (Micah Center and Wellspring)
    • Program assistant
    • Office assistant
    • Guest services
    • Expressive arts in a medical setting
  • Coordinate activities and programs
    • Provide a presence to cancer patients and family members of patients
    • Specialized education and functional living training for students with cognitive and developmental disabilities
    • Classroom assistant
    • Vocational job training and mentor
    • LINC (Learning In Community) facilitator
  • Environmental education and food security
    • Community gardens
    • Wildlife education and rehabilitation
  • Information technology
    • Computer systems management
    • Digital archives and file management
    • Website and graphic design
  • Jail and juvenile detention center ministry
    • Pastoral care for inmates and staff
    • Chaplain’s assistant
    • Small group discussion leader
  • Food pantry work
    • Driving pick-up vehicle
    • Food intake
    • Food sorting and distribution
  • Community events

NVC Perspective

“It is in listening to an inmate’s story of heartache, alcohol and drug abuse, loneliness, poverty, emptiness, and pain, and hearing their desire to turn their lives over to God that I better understand God’s continual call for us to seek His love and mercy.” —Stephanie Birmingham (NVC 2011-2012)

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Seeking the face of God in everything, everyone, all the time, and his hand in every happening; this is what it means to be contemplative in the heart of the world.

ContemplatioThis quote by Blessed Teresa of Calcutta challenges us to go where we are stretched most, to be uncomfortable, and learn deeply about true need from whomever we meet. When we keep a distance, we are safe; our hearts cannot grow in the same way as when we open our hearts to those most different from ourselves. If we dare to live this way we may just discover that God made us more alike than different … human.

Organized opportunities for contemplation with the NVC include:

  • Daily prayer as a community
  • Liturgy of the Hours experiences at St. Norbert Abbey
  • Spiritual reading and book discussions
  • Individual spiritual direction
  • Active participation in Mass, activities, and ministries of a local faith community
  • Formation and discussion of catholic social teachings
  • Four retreats as a community

NVC Perspective

“I have paid a little more attention to my own personal needs for rest and contemplative prayer in order to sustain the public ministry of my volunteer work.” —Kyle Cothern (NVC 2010-2011)

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Stabilitas Loci

Stability of place as a value of the Norbertine Order means you have made a commitment to that local community; you always have a home. For prospective NVC members who ask, “Why is the service only in the Green Bay area?” it has been said that

sometimes the most radical thing is to stay where you are.

Stabilitas LociIf we are honest with ourselves, we realize that most of the time the greatest needs are closer than we think or would like them to be. The NVC is committed to serving the community of Green Bay and the surrounding area.

NVC impact in the Green Bay area:

  • 8 years of NVC communities
  • 29 full-time volunteers from 7 different states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Louisiana, Washington, and Nebraska
  • 53,360+ hours of service
  • 22,051+ people served
  • 19 different local community partners

NVC Perspective

“We are all hungry; we are physically hungry and we are spiritually hungry for the love of God and the love of neighbor. We are hungry to be recognized as important individuals and as worthwhile members of society.” —Michael Brennan (NVC 2010-2011)

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