Norbertine Associates

Enlightenment, Opportunity, and Fellowship

By Carol Stanaszak

Norbertine Associate, St. Norbert Abbey

Norbertine AssociatesUpon planning for this event many months ago, the subject chosen for the conference was of little interest to me. I never did see the big picture. The people that were really into this seemed to have a totally different mindset than I.

As the weekend started, I remained skeptical. But I thought to myself, “I guess I can listen.”

However, with contemplation, prayer, and discussion with my fellow associates, I began to develop a new appreciation of caring for the earth. It has become a moral decision and involves my relationship with God and my neighbor. A whole new light shined on the subject: no matter how small my role, I can do something to help the cause.

The ultimate goal for me is to build relationships with God and my neighbor. More importantly, we see that this may not totally renew the damage done, but our communio-conscious effort can give us all great encouragement for this wonderful creation with which we have been blessed.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for the grace of enlightenment, and for bringing me to this weekend of opportunity and fellowship.

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