Podcast Episode 022: A Norbertine Priest goes to Yale

“Ministers who are overly stressed and experiencing burnout are not effective. It is important that we take time to achieve balance and good health to serve better our confreres in community and in ministry. Finding the time to go fishing takes me away from worldly pressures by engaging in an activity that is, in a sense, purposeless. I soak up the beauty of my surroundings and feel a real connection with creation. I am able to abandon my personal ambitions for a soul-nourishing engagement with the divine.” —Fr. Matthew Dougherty, O. Praem. | Fall/Winter 2014 “Abbey Magazine” (page 9

With special guest Fr. Matthew Dougherty, O. Praem.

Frater Jordan Neeck, O. Praem., and Frater Johnathan Turba, O. Praem., continue their short-and-sweet “summer interview series” with Norbertine guest Fr. Matthew Dougherty, O. Praem.

Currently a doctoral student of ecology and evolutionary biology at Yale University, Fr. Dougherty reflects upon his vision of the world, and the beauty and wonder of all God’s creation.

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Podcast Episode 019: Uncommon Athletes

Pictured: Fr. Matthew Dougherty, O. Praem.

Rightly ordered, sports can help us answer God’s call to conversion, to praise God for who He has made us to be! Yet in this world of fierce competition and a win-at-all-cost mentality, how can this be? Join our co-hosts as they examine how sports and faith can actually intertwine, supporting each other.

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Podcast Episode 011: Norbertine Encounter—Drawn by Community

Deacon (now Fr.) Bradley Vanden Branden, O. Praem., on the day of his priestly ordination.

Deacon (now Fr.) Bradley Vanden Branden, O. Praem., on the day of his priestly ordination. Read “Reflections on a Restless Heart” »

Vocational seeds are often planted in the most unexpected or unusual ways. Join our two co-hosts as they reminisce about their journey toward priesthood and how God and the Norbertine community drew them in.

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